Social Media Monitoring

AL have exclusive access to unique technology-based Social Media Monitoring and Analysis tools, which provide a real time and updated situation report, and detect changes and usual elements concerning activities throughout the web, including but not limited to trends, content, influential figures.

Key Advantages:

- Strengthen and intensify small positive trends, which would benefit your business.

- Detect negative trends, before they gain mass exposure.

How can your business benefit


We find the suitable systems that will allow your clients to build theirvery own communities of brand marketing on social media.

Public Relations

Our solutions enable our clients to control your brand image and reputation. They are able to identify a potential crisis before it is fully spread and minimise image threats on your brand.


Our clients can compare the brand durability of their major market competitors. The functions that we offer include online opinion, essentials and needs around market research.

SMM Tools

AL provides tools that continually index data and content on various effective and popular social media platforms. The tools give exclusive access that allows our clients to preform a specific query of a certain word or phrase in order to detect mentions and semantics. Our clients are able to perform an in-depth analysis on the results of their query.